3D Digital Microscopes by

For more than 40 years, Hirox has been the world-leading pioneer in the field of 3D digital microscopy.

The high-quality optical, mechanical and lighting creations from HIROX offer the best inspection capability (10,000x) to Hirox digital microscopes, as well as multiple options and adapters, including the 360° rotary head (Hirox exclusive).

Thanks to its rich experience as a lens manufacturer, Hirox is designing premium items with a great depth-of-field offering high-resolution pictures. Hirox is operating worldwide: Japan (headquarters), Europe, Asia, China, South Korea, United States.

Cutting-Edge Technology

New CMOS Image Sensor

Fast and easy mounting of the camera using bayonet system with built-in electrical connections for automatic lens and adapter selection, control of the rotation and more... without additional cables!

State-of-the-art CMOS sensor with improved light sensitivity and very low image noise. The resolution is higher than Full HD (2464x2066), at a very fast 50 FPS (special 100 FPS mode at half resolution) and displayed onto a 4K software interface!

The new high intensity LED light source provides true color reproduction (5700K color temperature) and 30.000 hours lifetime (about 14 years).

High-Definition Observation

Autofocus - Multifocus

Ultra fast auto-focus and multi-focus! Get a fully focussed image with one click thanks to our high-speed algorithm and most accurate motorized Z-axis movements (50 nanometers per step).


Save time by quickly optimizing the image. With 1 click, the HDR function creates an image with the perfect exposition by combining many levels of light intensity: all the information in the highlights and dark areas is captured without any difficulty.

Precise 2D-Measurement

The HRX-01 offers accurate and calibrated measurements in real-time, including length, area, angle, diameter or automatic surface area. The combination of encoded optics and powerful software eliminates any human errors by automatically selecting and displaying the correct lens, adapter and scale on the screen at any time.
In addition, the actual dimension and measurement results can be saved on the captured image or as a CSV file.

Ultra-Fast 3D-Measurement

When capturing 10 image planes, it only takes 1 second to display a high-quality 3D-model. The integrated stepping motor allows for faster, smoother and more accurate scanning with 0.05µm/pulse precision and 30mm of automated travel.


3D model information can be displayed as original color, pseudo or as a wireframe, maximizing the amount of information that can be taken from a 3D-model. Original and pseudo color can be mixed on the 3D model.

Point Height Measurement

Display point height by simply clicking on the 3D model. With each click, height value labels are displayed from a standard zero point or a zero point can be set (new reference point) from a specific position on the model. Point height measurements are possible in both 2D and 3D rendered images.


Simply adjust the slicer to visualize and measure any details on the 3D object: the profile created is like a virtual vertical cross section allowing precise measurements.

Volume and Area

Volume and area can also be measured on the 3D object by adjusting the horizontal cross section and clicking on the area of interest.

Angle/radius in 3D

Using the profile measurement function, it’s very simple to measure any radius on a 3D object by simply “drawing” a circle with 3 points or any angle by selecting 2 lines crossing each other

Roughness (Ra, Rz, Rzjis)

The powerful 3D software enables accurate line roughness measurement Ra and Rz (ISO4287:1997) and is compatible with optional surface roughness measurements (Sa, Sq, and many more) .

High-Precision Lenses

All Hirox lenses include high-performance zoom incorporated technologies, as well as highgrade built-in illumination and precision mechanism designs, crafted with pride by the lens manufacturer, Hirox. Available as motorized or manual versions, broad range of adapters, lightings and stands!


The macro lenses can cover the need for observation of large objects for macro documentation. The view can easily be extended out to infinity if overall documentation is required, for example taking an image of the car for the report that will also feature magnified images of the car’s paint.
Extended view out to infinity!
MXB-MACRO: Lens that covers magnification ranges of 0 to 20x by changing the working distance. With an aperture diaphragm, it creates high-level images and responds smoothly to wide field of view.
MXB-050Z: The multi-functional macro zoom lens can achieve a view of the entire object and a magnification of up to 50x. A light source guide is integrated into the lens for diverse environments. Allows switching between Macro lens form infinity -5x magnification and constant focus from 5x-50x zoom range.


Hirox developed a new and unique telecentric zoom lens covering a wide zoom range from 10x to 200x with guaranteed measurement results.
This ultra high-resolution motorized lens captures images with NO distortion and a wide field-of-view.
Motorized zoom, fast magnetic snap-on adapters with ACS software recognition make the operation easy, even for users who never used a digital microscope before.


This high-performance zoom lens features compact body and high resolution image covers a total magnification range from 6-320x, while offering a large optical depth of field.
This lens can be used as handheld in contact or have a working distance over 130 mm depending on the adapter.
The automatic recognition and new magnetic mounting system allow quick change of adapters, including the world’s famous Hirox Rotary Head, covering a very wide range of applications

HR-2500(E) / HR-5000(E)

20x up to 2500/5000x zoom range. The dual illumination mechanism provides both co-axial and ring lighting.
The operator is free to choose either setting or a mix of both in order to cover a multitude of applications.
The lighting system is integrated into the lens and no additional cables are required.
It is available as a motorized or manual version (turret, lighting, zoom).


This universal lens can be equipped with a wide selection of optical adapters.
Attaching the rotary head adapter allows 360 Degree revolution with the ability to inspect at multiple angles.
The various exclusive adapters snap on, allowing one-touch replacement and a magnification range that expands observation from 20x-800x.


The high range optical zoom lens incorporates great expandability and the highest resolution in the HR series. With six interchangeable objective lenses, the lens covers a magnification range from 35x up to 10000x. A directional lighting adapter is provided for co-axial vertical lighting to achieve intricate optical observation.

High-Performance Stands

Hirox has developed high-precision stands for a great flexibility: 
You can set up your system according to your needs and applications by combining the motorized Z-axis for auto-focus, the precise XY-stage for mapping/navigation and the 180-inclination stand for side-observation

Dynamic Focus Control (Z-Axis)

With the motor controller built into the main unit, the stand is able to easily achieve extremely high precision. The stand also has an incredibly long travel range with 30mm of motor controlled travel (of 0.05µm step) and 85mm of manually controlled travel.

Inclination Stand

Choose up to 180 degrees of inclination with stage rotation for target observation. Add a stand-extension for large objects.

Motorized XY-Axis Stage

Designed with a compact body and integrated motor drivers, it can be easily controlled by joystick or dragging mouse. 40mm x 40mm working range with high-precision of 0.04 µm step.