For more than half a century, Comco has been designing microblasters with great performances, utmost liability and high precision.

Micro-abrasive blasting is a straightforward, cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly way to perform a variety of surface treatments. Derived from sandblasting, microblasting mixes fine abrasive with dry air, which is then propelled through a small nozzle (various shapes and sizes).

The nozzle is attached to a handpiece to facilitate its use as well as improving the output stream's precision.

The constant flow of Comco microblasters in addition to micron-sized abrasive particles and high-precision nozzles offer a clear and efficient abrasive stream. Hence, Comco systems ensure the best results in many types of applications.

ProCenter Header

Comco microblasting systems are CE & ROHS compliant and environmentally friendly.


Redesigned modulator, 1-liter aerodynamic tank and PowderGate® valve. The added flexibility and enhanced powder flow control allow a wider range of applications to be performed with the unit.
–Enhanced abrasive flow density
–Significant processing time decrease
–Smaller nozzles, such as the ones of MicroBlaster

Procenter Plus

The Procenter Plus includes a HEPA filter  (easily replaced without tools) with a built-in silencer - noise level = 70dB.
An ergonomic design with a large work chamber, wide cushioned hand openings and well-lit operator viewing area.

–Extra-large dust collector/storage hopper, easy to empty
–Compact size (fits through a standard doorway)
–Mobile, easy to move and position (mounted on wheels)